Zoological Society Of Pakistan

The Zoologists, gathered in Dacca in 1968 on the occasion of the Annual Conference of Pakistan Association for the Advancement of Science, decided to form a society for promotion of science of zoology in all its branches, both pure and applied, by organizing seminars, symposia and conferences, and providing facilities for publication of the research work being done in the country. Thus the Zoological Society of Pakistan (ZSP) came into being on 3rd March 1968. The names of the scientists who founded the Society appear somewhere in this Directory.

At present, the Society has on its Roll 327 Fellows, and 115 Life Fellows. Besides that, there are 10 honorary Fellows.

For many years after establishment, the activity of the Society was confined to bringing out a research journal, because of paucity of funds. During this period, the Society continued its efforts to increase the memberships, raise funds and obtain regular grants from the Government and Federal Agencies concerned with science. With regular grants now coming, the Society organizes annually the Pakistan Congress of Zoology, publishes its Proceedings and brings out the Pakistan Journal of Zoology.

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